Healthy Relationships Make Freedom Worth Fighting For

The Problem

Our warriors most important relationships are under fire. Approximately 20 Military Services Members and Veterans commit suicide every day, while the divorce rates remain at a staggering 50%. We must bring more to the fight for relationships.

The Solution

Research shows healthy relationships make life rich. Salute to Relationships (STR) strengthens and protects the relationships that matter most to all Military Service Members and Veterans. STR’s innovative approach produces rich relationships and resilient warriors.

The Problem

20 military service members and veterans commit suicide every day in the United States and divorce rates remains at a staggering 50%


Research shows that healthy relationships make life rich. STR’s training strengthens the primary relationships of military service members and veterans. STR delivers proactive, innovative training the produces rich relationships. Rich Relationships produce resilient warriors.

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1. Online Training

Unlimited Access To Your Group

STR has 8 Training modules of invaluable content, 50+ training videos, interactive next step questions after each training, 10+ built in assessments and audio resources that bridges the gap between the best civilian relationship training and the specific needs of Military Service Members and Veterans.


The number one issue couples face in marriage is miscommunication and unmet expectations. You will learn how to get off the struggle bus immediately when conflict comes and circumvent future issues before they arise. This is pure gold for your relationship!


The happiest couples on the planet learn the art of how to trade places with their partner. In a word, it’s called empathy. Here you will discover exactly how your partner is wired so that you can begin to see the world through their eyes.


Did you know that so many married people problems are really just single people problems we drag from our past and into our present? STR will help you personally unpack the best ways you can care for yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Then watch how your self-care positively impacts your relationship.


Learn how to get on the same team with your finances, create a budget and avoid the most common pitfalls couples face so that you don’t have to.


In this module we will erase myths, bad habits and set you up on the fast track for the best sex ever in you relationship!


Discover the grid through which you were raised when it comes to who does what roles and how you as a couple want to move forward implementing roles of your household.


In this module you will learn the foundation to the meaning of marriage and have a safe environment to learn how to have spiritual conversations that will impact generations to come.


It’s been said that we become like those we spend time with. Here you will discover how your friends and family have shaped you, learn the secret to overcoming daddy/mommy wounds, and starting smart with your in-laws.


Chaplains, and VA leaders will receive specific STR certification training + live ongoing training to further support their Warriors and Veterans. STR Facilitators will also receive access to create their own digital training library and post preferred content onto their group’s private portal.


Salute to Relationships will host an annual conference to inspire and empower active service members and veterans in your group


Couples love Salute To Relationships


Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan is one of the leading coaching experts in the country.  From nearlyweds to newlyweds to married couples, Matt has helped more than ten thousand military and civilians bulletproof their relationships. He has only seen three couples get a divorce in twelve years. His expertise and advice extend to every area of life: friendship, dating, sex, marriage, gender gaps, parenting, business, self-awareness, etc. His audience loves his funny (and relatable) stories, sticky phrases, and practical tips. He’s been seen on stage with world thought leaders such as Tony Robbins and is highly rated by couples across America as both Wedding Wire’s and The Knot’s 2019 best marriage coach. Matt received his Masters in Theology and Counseling from Bethel University in Minnesota. Matt resides in Denver, CO, with his wife and daughter.  

Mike lotzer

Mike Lotzer served in the Army Chaplain Corp. from 2004-2012. Stateside, Mike served as a Casualty Notification Chaplain, a Marriage Strong Bonds Instructor, and a Deployment Support and Reintegration Chaplain. While serving in Iraq as the 34th Infantry Special Troops Battalion Chaplain, Mike was awarded the Army Commendation and Bronze Star Medals. His experience caring for dying soldiers in combat have birthed a life-long commitment to serve and empower warriors and their families. Mike has served as a pastor at churches in California and Minnesota, and currently serves as the lead pastor of Mercy Road Church in Burnsville, MN. Mike has a B.A. in Comparative World Religion and Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and earned a Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. Mike and his wife Erica, reside in Minneapolis, MN, with their two boys and daughter.

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